MINI: Fan the Flame

A MINI Countryman was placed on a slope of 15% hanging only on a thick rope. Under the rope a bunsen burner was placed. Once you have liked the Facebook page you can watch the live construction, which was build on the parking lot of the Brussels Motorshow and remote ignite the flame from the campaign website. If your flame is the one that burns the rope, you win the MINI countryman.

Batch image resizing made easy


Batch image resizing made easy

Title: Design Your User Experience in 7 Simple Steps - Introduction

This is an introduction video of the action class. But i find that there are some key pointers that the author mentioned that we can learn from:
- User Stories 
- Mapping
- Flow
- Modeling
- Requirements
- Sketching
- Prototyping 

UX Design doesn’t mean using creative designs in terms of the user’s POV, or to coding, but the action steps that we do before going into detailed prototypes.

Tags: UX web design
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